Friendly reminder, Fall Brush Pick-Up starts October 11th for the East Side of STH 13

Friendly reminder, the Town will be completing fall clean-up on the EAST SIDE OF STH 13 starting Monday, October 11th. Please have items out for pick up by the end of the day on October 10, 2021. Also, if able, it’s much appreciated if you can please share this reminder with neighbors or friends in the area.
  • The Town will make only one pass down your road. Any additional material you add after that will not be picked up and will be your responsibility.
  • No single branch, limb or tree can be greater than 12 inches in diameter or 10 feet in length.
  • Your brush must be stacked with the cut end at the edge of the road in front of your residence or lot.
  • Please use care to pile your brush where it can be easily reached from the road with equipment but is still off the pavement. Clear a 5 ft. area around pile.
  • Combine brush piles with neighbors, if possible.

Special Item of Note – properties located within the Lake Arrowhead Association will be collected by Lake Arrowhead Maintenance during the same timeframe and with the same guidelines as Town pickup.