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Alpine Village Business Park. See links below for related documents.
Alpine Village Business Park. See links below for related documents.
The Industrial District will include over a 100 acres of land for development. It includes an area for light industry and one for a bit heavier kinds of manufacturing. We are ensuring that only environment friendly industries will be located in this section of the park. We are working with a prospect now that could begin construction of a manufacturing facility by mid-year.
Our Commercial/Retail District has 36 acres parallel to Highway 13 and could house 20 or more businesses over time. Much of this area will have sidewalks, streetlights, and porches fronting many of the buildings. One unique section of this district is defined as a contractor’s area, thus encouraging complimentary businesses in the construction industry to locate near each other. Alpine Village, is now under development! The 240 acre park has an industrial district, a commercial/retail district, and a section set aside for senior housing. This business center will result in a better balance to our residential vs business tax base, enrich the job opportunities in Rome, and help our town to grow its business segment in a planned pattern, to avoid having new businesses locating in many locations through out our town. The clustering of commercial and retail shops will generate interest for other complimentary businesses to decide to locate in the business center also, and take advantage of the buying traffic, which will grow over time. We are implementing design standards, which will ensure an attractive development for both customers and the businesses choosing to locate here. This will be a center the Town will feel proud to point to as a real asset to the Town of Rome.
The Senior Housing segment is a 30 acre tract of land running along Alpine Drive on the north end of the property. The Committee is going to do some research on what type of senior housing needs exist in the community and what variety of housing should be included. Possibilities include apartments, condos, assisted living, and a nursing facility.
The total property planned for development is 240 acres that fronts Highway 13 from Alpine Drive to Aniwa Court. The first north south roadway has been cleared of trees with plans for that road and others to be completed by early summer, along with key utilities of electricity, natural gas, and water.
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The Town of Rome offers a unique opportunity to work and live in an outstanding recreation area with water sports, golf, hunting, ATV riding, snowmobiling and more, all within the Town’s geography.
The Business Center Development Committee, a group of Rome citizen volunteers, is working to attract a wide variety of retail and commercial organizations to locate in our new development. Many could come from our immediate area, and some will come from outside the area, attracted by the growth in Rome and our attractive business center. The Committee is partnering with the Adams County Economic Development office to focus on finding candidates for the industrial district.
A new prospective professional complex is in the design process for the Alpine Village Business Park. Tenants such as attorneys, accountants, architects, financial planners, insurance agencies, salons, communication, electronic services, etc. are encouraged to call 715-325-8019 for lease and/or lease to own.
Alpine Village Business Park offers new business development opportunities on 250 acres of property in close proximity to main travel arteries. There are commercial, retail and light industrial districts as well as a section for senior housing. Alpine Village's design standards ensure an attractive development and comprehensive covenants maintain architectural guidelines to protect property values.
Rome is flourishing in a recreation region just north of the Wisconsin Dells and Castle Rock Lake areas. It's a favorite vacation spot with four beautiful lakes - including Lake Petenwell, the second largest lake in the state. Swimming , sailing, fishing, golf, hunting, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing ... there's something for everyone here. The area offers easy access to urban resources and services - making the town of Rome an appealing place to live, work, shop and play.
Our area's workforce is noted for reliability and high productively, and Adams County is offering incentives to business for job creation. There are significant financing opportunities including state, county and municipal grants as well as low-interest loans and tax incentives. Come to Rome and establish your business in Alpine Village. You'll be glad you did!