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Visit Rome Helps Wisconsin Bundle Up

Visit Rome is inviting community residents to drop off new or gently used coats, sweaters, hats, mittens and other warm clothing items for both adults and children. This effort is part of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s Big Bundle Up Campaign. The Big Bundle Up is a statewide collection program running Oct. 28 –Nov. 25, 2019.

This is the ninth year of the Big Bundle Up. To date, the program has collected 155,893 warm winter items to
help families in need. This will be Visit Rome’s first year participating in this statewide campaign. In addition
to Visit Rome, other collection sites, including Travel Wisconsin Welcome Centers, are located throughout
the state. Visit for a full listing of donation sites.


Donating warm winter items is the perfect way to give to Wisconsin families in need as the holiday giving
season approaches. A box will be located at the Visit Rome Office for donors to drop off warm clothing
items. All items donated at this location will be given to local charities.


The New Police & EMS Building is Now Open!

Join Supervisor Jerry Wiessinger on a tour of the Town’s new Police & EMS Building!




Pardon our Dust!

Pardon our Dust!  During the Town Hall facade remodel meeting agendas can still be found at the following posting board locations:

  • Pritzl’s Trading Post
  • Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank
  • US Bank
  • Town of Rome website

Or feel free to stop in and see us during regular business hours for agenda copies.  Thank you for understanding while we remodel!

Municipal Court Payments accepted at the Police Department from 8 AM to Noon

With the new Police & EMS Building complete, Municipal Court payments are now accepted at the Police Department.  All payments will be accepted Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the front counter (south entrance) of the new Police Department building.  Thank you!


Town of Rome Strategic Plan Overview 2014-2024


County Road Z Construction Update

County Road Z (between 18th Lane & Apache Avenue) will be CLOSED from 5/28/19 to 10/31/19 due to Reconstruction.  More details provided on the attached flyer.  Businesses on County Road Z are OPEN!  Local traffic includes customers of Dirty Oar Supper Club, Lure Bar & Grill, and Evenson’s Marine.


Commitment to Fertilizer Ordinance, Local Area Preferred Applicators

Missed the State of the Lakes Lunch?  View the presentations by clicking on the link below:



For Immediate Release

Contact Don Ystad, 14 Mile Creek Watershed Committee Chair, 262-894-9423 or




Rome, WI (March 22, 2019) – The Town of Rome is committed to improving the water quality of the lakes and streams within our boundaries.  As part of this commitment the Town, in conjunction with the 14 Mile Joint Watershed Committee, launched a Preferred Fertilizer Applicator Recognition Program.  Licensed Professional Fertilizer Applicators who provide services in the Town of Rome were asked to join the effort by committing to adhere to the Town’s Fertilizer Ordinance.  Below is a list of preferred applicators, who have pledged to follow best practices for lake quality and signed the commitment to the fertilizer ordinance.


Preferred Fertilizer Applicators:

·         NatureScape

·         Paul’s Lawn Care

·         Rapid Quality Lawn & Landscaping

·         Schalows Nursery

·         Spring-Green Lawn Care

·         Stay Green Sprinkler Systems


If you’ll be using a fertilizer service during the 2019 season, please consider using one these applicators.  If your lawn care provider is not listed, please ask them to sign the commitment.  Any additional companies who sign the commitment will be periodically added to the Preferred Applicator list, which will be kept on the Town of Rome’s web site.  Additionally, if you prefer to apply your own lawn fertilizer, we would strongly encourage you to review the fertilizer ordinance and use the Preferred Applicator methods.    


To review the Fertilizer Ordinance in it’s entirely, please visit, and scroll to section 9.09.  


Disclaimer – The Town of Rome makes information available on its website and in media releases to enhance public knowledge and to provide a better understanding of the Town and its government.  This release is not advertising for any of the above-listed businesses, and the Town of Rome does not guarantee the work of the companies.  All information contained herein is supplied “as is” and the Town of Rome disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, related to said information, including but not limited to, accuracy, the completeness or suitability of said information, and any implied warranties of any provider or information contained in this release for any particular purpose.




14 Mile Joint Watershed Committee is a public led advisory committee that was reconfirmed by the Tri-Lakes Management District at its 2017 Annual Meeting.  It is made up of private citizens representing Lakes Camelot, Sherwood, Arrowhead and Petenwell, as well as citizens at large, representatives of the Town of Rome, Wisconsin DNR, and Adams County Land Conservation.  The objective of the committee is to improve water quality in our Town’s lakes and streams, realizing that there are a number of contributing factors including, but not limited to upstream agriculture, shoreline erosion, fertilizer application, septic systems and water flow.


The committee seeks to build upon various groups to partner in its endeavor to improve water quality and the health of the lakes and streams in the 14 Mile Watershed.  Groups identified to lead this effort include the following: Lake Sherwood Property Owners Association, Lake Camelot Property Owners Association, Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association, Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards, Town of Rome and Adams County.


Synopsis of the Town of Rome Fertilizer Ordinance    

· Only use lawn fertilizers with 0% phosphorus or other compound containing phosphorus, such as phosphate.  · Only use lawn fertilizers labeled as containing less than 20% slow release nitrogen.  · Don’t apply lawn fertilizer when the ground is frozen.  · Be careful not to apply fertilizer to impervious surfaces including parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks.  · Buffer zones of 35 feet are required by state law for lakes, streams, wetland and ponds and fertilizer should not be applied to the buffer zones.  · Lawn clippings cannot be discharged into any drainage ditch, lake, stream or creek.


Remember these Best Practices in Fertilizing your Lawn     

· Soil tests should be done every three years to support fertilizer applications.  · Lake friendly slow release granular fertilizer should be used; quick release granular or liquid fertilizer should not be used.  · Nitrogen applications should be limited to 1 pound and 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet per application.  · Applications of lime will assist plants to take up more nutrients.  · Limit fertilizer applications to three times per year unless soil samples call for additional applications.  · If clippings are not bagged, two annual applications should be considered.  · If lake water is used for irrigation, two annual applications should be considered.  · Fertilizer should not be applied within 24 hours of forecasted significant rainfall.  Irrigation systems should not be operated within 24 hours of a fertilizer application except for a lite application to introduce the fertilizer to the ground surface.  

Private Property Rights Notice — January 1, 2019

2015 Wisconsin Act 391 – Private Property Rights

January 1, 2019

Wis. Stat. 60.61(4)(f): Private Property Rights – Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 60.61(4)(f), Towns must maintain a list of people who submit a written request to receive notice of any proposed zoning ordinance or amendment that affects the allowable use of his or her property, and property size or density requirements. This law allows individuals to submit electronic or written notice that they wish to be on the list. Written or electronic requests should be submitted to the Town of Rome Zoning Administrator.

Include all of the following information with your request:

Mailing address
Town of Rome address (if different)
E-mail address

Submit your written request to:

Zoning Administrator Greg Broniec
1156 Alpine Dr.
Nekoosa, WI  54457

Need more information? Call 715-325-8019 or use above e-mail

USDA Rural Development

Does your home need repairs? Would you like to purchase a home? USDA Rural Development has funding available to purchase and repair homes in eligible rural communities.

Interest rates range between 1-3.25%. Grants for repairs are also available to income eligible households over the age of 62.

For more information, contact USDA Rural Development at 715-345-7611.

Additional information is also available at

USDA Rural Development is an equal opportunity provider, lender and employer.

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